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If you enjoy playing card games, then you have undoubtedly heard of RummyCircle. Marketed as India’s top-grossing game, RummyCircle has quickly grown in popularity among Indian gamblers, especially in the south of India. Since gambling in India is outlawed, so is RummyCircle legal? Well, yes it is, RummyCircle has found a loophole in the system that allows games of skill and games of chance. Rummy is considered a game of skill, so legally speaking, RummyCircle is allowed to create an online platform that allows players to play and bet on rummy legally.

The First Impression

To be very honest, it’s no different from Junglee Rummy, the whole layout is exactly the same but in the darker shade of red. Keeping aside all the reviews, the first thing you’d notice when you land on its page, the website has a clear cut layout. The user interface is a decent and darker shade of colour red as their theme. The website displays all the features they provide and sign up options at the top of the page. As you scroll down, RummyCircle introduces a segment of rules and regulations and how their website is safe and secured.

Further scrolling down the site, you’ll see a whole segmented dedicated on the features they provide, more information of bonuses is listed in brief. And, the whole bunch of FAQ plus, detailed guide on legality as well. You can start playing RummyCircle poker with real money as soon as the casino has verified your account and you’ve made your first deposit. The deposit requests should occur instantly, so you don’t need to worry about any disruption to your gameplay.

Although the design of RummyCircle looks crisp and clean, the way it looks is a bit clumsy to the eye just as Junglee Rummy, these two websites are candidly the same. One of the good things about website design is its mixture of colours and fonts. The site is easy to read, which makes it easy for the players to navigate different pages and find their desired game. 

Similar to other online casinos, RummyCircle tries to make the initial signup process for a new player quick and easy. The process is slightly deceiving; however, although the casino requires very little information on the front-end of registration, there are more steps that you will need to take to validate your account.

If you live in India and are passionate about playing online rummy, apart from the reputed and trustworthy casinos like JeetWin, and 1xBet, RummyCircle does provide a fair gaming experience online. Due to gambling restrictions in India, RummyCircle can only offer games of skill and game of chance. If you are looking for real casino games, Junglee Rummy is an option plus we would also recommend for you to check JeetWin

The Downside

The website for RummyCircle is clunky and not something that you would expect to see from any reputable internet casino. It’s difficult to find the type of rummy that you prefer, a process which takes away from the time that players can spend enjoying their chosen games.

One of the things that we noticed about RummyCircle’s responsible gaming policies is that they are very hard to find. Most reputable casinos provide their players with a direct link at the bottom of the screen so that they can find responsible gaming policies quickly. In the case of RummyCircle, we needed to click around to find this important information.

When we did finally find RummyCircle’s responsible gaming mandates, they were disappointing. Players can request to set a daily or monthly playing limit and can also request to self-exclude for a period, but RummyCircle does not indicate the playing limits that a player can set or how long a player can self-exclude before their account is closed. Instead, the bulk of this section is information about how to avoid developing a gambling addiction.

These details are important and helpful—however, the responsible gaming policies that the casino has to offer are slim compared to its competition.

The Games on RummyCircle

RummyCircle games

There’s really not much to tell about RummyCircle game providers, they have limited set of games and by the look of its name, its pretty evident what exactly games they offer; rummy poker. RummyCircle indicates that they source its software from a mix of offerings from Games24x7 and outsourced companies. These outsourced companies are not named anywhere on the site, the additional software has gone unanswered by the casino. 

There are no options for live casino games, you will not find options for slots or jackpot games either. However, RummyCircle offers an excellent option for new rummy players to learn the basic rules of the game before they start real-money bets. But if you’re more into slots kind of gamer, check out LeoVegas, 888Casino, or IndiaBet

So, as the name indicates, Junglee Rummy strictly offers different variations of rummy —

  • Pool rummy
  • Deals rummy
  • Points rummy
  • Raise rummy
  • Tournament-style games

Players can also take part in rummy tournaments, and these gameplays take place every day.

RummyCircle Payment Methods

RummyCircle deposit and withdrawal options are minimal. The casino does not incorporate transfer fees, but it is also not clear regarding minimum deposit amounts. 


RummyCircle is not forthcoming regarding deposit options. The only thing that we could find is the information below. Unfortunately, the casino has not responded to our inquiries for clarification. 

  • All major Credit Cards


Keep in mind that the speed of withdrawals will depend on whether you decide to opt into one of the casino’s memberships programs. Enrolling in one of these programs provides the bonus of faster withdrawals. It’s worth noting, however, that players have reported extended wait times for withdrawals even as members of the program.

  • Bank Transfer (non-club members): Minimum Rs.500 and Maximum Rs.2,000
  • Bank Transfer (club members): Minimum Rs.1,000

RummyCircle Bonus

RummyCircle Bonus

If there is one word to explain the bonuses and campaigns available at RummyCircle, it is “underwhelming.” There are a few promotions listed on the site, and the casino requires a high minimum deposit to cash in only a small percentage of the promotion.

  • Sign-up Bonus: The promotion, however, as it may sound appealing to a lot of new players but their sign up bonus is quite underwhelming, new users earning up to 2000 rupees on a first deposit. However, the terms and conditions of the bonus are less than appealing: the bonus has a minimum deposit amount, meaning that unless you deposit 200 rupees, you will not receive any bonus. If you opt to deposit the full 2000 rupees, you will still need to wait to see your 2000-rupee bonus. The casino distributes this bonus in portions depending on how much you bet on a game.
  • Referral: One of the easiest campaigns to cash in on through RummyCircle is the referral program. The site indicates that players can earn a total of 1000 rupees for every referral who registers and funds a player account. This promotion is paid out in “chunks,” and the amount that you get is based on the amount of money that your friend deposits. For every 350 rupees that your friend deposits on his or her player account, you will receive 100 to 1000 rupees.

Security & Regulations

The issue with RummyCircle and other companies like it is that the government has yet to enforce any regulation on online gambling for games of skill. Many online casinos outside of India hold themselves to a high standard and obtain licensing from formal government agencies, including the Government of Malta or Curacao. However, RummyCircle is not mandated to take this extra step.

The only certification that RummyCircle currently possesses is through iTech Labs, which is a random number generator (RNG) certificate. The certificates are dated as of December 2, 2019, and the casino indicates that it has partnered with iTech Labs since 2012. A major complaint among users is that they do not believe RummyCircle games abide by random generator technology.

One redeemable quality about RummyCircle amid its lack of licenses and certifications is the fact that the casino is a member of The Rummy Federation or TRF, an organization which provides internet casinos with the tools that they need to develop enjoyable rummy entertainment for their players.

The Platform Availability 

RummyCircle can be accessed via desktop, mobile web browser, and rummycircle app as well. To the casino’s credit, it appears that players do enjoy accessing games through their mobile app. The RummyCircle app is easy to download, which makes it more appealing in patience wise. RummyCircle navigation is similar to most mobile casinos we’ve played at, with a menu box in the upper left-hand corner that allows for easy navigation. This box features the following sections: Home, Join Now, Game Search, Change Language, Registration Help, About Us, and Contact Us.

RummyCircle Customer Support

Quality customer support is the backbone of any internet casino. Players want the peace of mind that if they run into problems while they are playing their favourite games, there will be a representative available to help them. RummyCircle provides 24×7 customer service, which is reasonable like any other online casino customer support. You can contact RummyCircle via email or call them of their provided customer support mobile number available on their website.

If you decide to enroll as a “club member,” you can reach a customer service representative assigned to each club.

  • Platinum Elite members
  • Platinum Club members
  • Diamond Club members

RummyCircle makes it very clear that if you are not a member of any of these clubs, a customer service agent will not assist you with questions. The casino does not offer an option for live chat services.

The Bottom Line

RummyCircle tries to cater to novice players by providing them with an overview of how to play different versions of rummy. This area of the site supplies players with vital details about the game, including the objective, winning sequences, and common rummy terms. If you are new to playing the game, it is definitely an area to review before you place your first bet.

Apart from all demeaning reviews, we think it’s worth the try. One must fully judge only when they’ve tested it. They don’t provide great aspects of games, only rummy variations due to legal aspects in India. But, its good to go online casino to try out. Decent website layout and app as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the terms and conditions of each bonus the same?

— No, the rules for each promotion are slightly different. The difference usually revolves around the payout schedule for the bonus.

  • Do I need the RummyCircle promo code for bonuses?

— Yes, each bonus comes with its own unique promo code. Players will need to enter the promo code before they have access to the campaign.

  • Does RummyCircle have a daily bonus option?

— It appears that RummyCircle primarily changes its bonuses depending on the season. For example, the casino will introduce a special bonus for Christmas or New Years.

  • Can I still access campaigns using the RummyCircle app?

— Yes, the app offers the same features that you would find if you logged into your account on a desktop computer. 

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