Junglee Rummy

4.1 ratings

If you read demeaning reviews on Junglee Rummy, don’t let it turn you off from playing here because they’ve been in the market for quite some time now. That being said, we recommend this site to rummy lovers who enjoy playing poker games on the side. Magic Red’s scratch cards are among the best in the industry, both in terms of quantity and quality. The rest of Junglee Rummy’s aspects won’t blow you away, but they do everything else adequate enough to make them worth a try.

The First Impression

Keeping aside all the reviews, the first thing you’d notice when you land on its page, the website has a clear cut layout. The user interface is decent and red colour as their theme. The website displays all the features they provide and sign up option at the top of the page. As you scroll down, Junglee Rummy introduces a segment of rules and regulations and how their website is safe and secured.

Further scrolling down the site, you’ll see a whole segmented dedicated on the features they provides, more information of bonuses is listed in brief. And, whole bunch of FAQ plus, detailed guide on legality as well. You can start playing Junglee Rummy poker with real money as soon as the casino has verified your account and you’ve made your first deposit. The deposit requests should occur instantly, so you don’t need to worry about any disruption to your gameplay.

Although, the design of Junglee Rummy looks crisp and clean, but the way it looks is a bit clumsy to the eye. One of the good things about the website design is its mixture of colours and fonts. The site is easy to read, which makes it easy for the players to navigate different pages and find their desired game. 

Creating a Junglee Rummy account is super easy peasy and should not take longer than two minutes. However, the process of verification does take relatively longer time than creating an account in 2 minutes. The casino does not give users a benchmark regarding how long they need to wait before an account becomes fully verified and operational.

If you live in India and are passionate about playing online rummy, apart from repeated and trustworthy casino like JeetWin, and 1xBet, Junglee Rummy does provide a fair gaming experience online. Due to gambling restrictions in India, Junglee Rummy can only offer games of skill. If you are looking for real casino games, Junglee Rummy is an options plus we would also recommend for you to check JeetWin

One of the bright sides of Junglee Rummy platform is its commitment to responsible gaming experience. We’ve noticed a trend among other Indian based casinos of overlooking responsible gaming options for players. While many Indian casinos only provide their users with a self-assessment questionnaire, Junglee Rummy gives players the option to set limits for daily deposits, and it also supplies gamblers with tips for making more responsible bets. 

The Downside

Junglee Rummy online

There’s too much of negative comments on Junglee Rummy online, plus they’ve been in the market since 2012, relatively really old player in the industry that knows the hooks and crooks of the corner. There’s no doubt that there’s quite a lot of issue with the site but unless you check them out for yourself we won’t be posting any negative aspect on Junglee Rummy.

But as a review article, we must do justice to both the sides of the coin. Like we’ve mentioned above that it does not take much longer to create an account on Junglee Rummy but however, reports say that some users had to wait days to get their accounts verified and fully operational. That is one of its major downside of Junglee Rummy to be honest.

The other issue we’ve come across is the platform freezing or shutting down player accounts once the player requests a payout. Players have posted screenshots online showcasing error messages that they see when they try to log into their accounts.

The Games

There’s really not much to tell about Junglee Rummy game providers, they have limited set of games and by the look of its name, its pretty evident what exactly games they offer; rummy poker. Junglee Rummy does not disclose how it sources its software, it’s a bit concerning because most giant casinos always disclose their game providers. The casino does indicate that players are not allowed to copy or reproduce software, which could mean that Junglee Rummy developed its own software for its platform, organically.

So, as the name indicates, Junglee Rummy strictly offers different variations of rummy —

  • 13-card pool rummy
  • 13-card deals rummy
  • 13-card points rummy
  • 10-card points rummy
  • 21-card points rummy

Players can also take part in rummy tournaments, and these gameplays take place everyday. 

Payment — Deposit and Withdrawal

Junglee Rummy goes above and beyond to work quickly on all deposit and withdrawal requests. Once the platform has verified your account, there shouldn’t be a problem adding money almost instantly. Junglee Rummy offers a limited deposit methods with a Minimum of Rs.25 Maximum of Rs.5,000 each methods —

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • NetBanking
  • PayTm


The withdrawals are a different story though, the terms and conditions of the site say all withdrawal requests within 24 hours, but sometimes, it takes an additional 48 hours to process on request. Junglee Rummy also offers  withdrawal support 24×7 per week. There’s only one way to withdraw your money is via bank transfer, it is ridiculous because most online casinos offer more options, and this is limited to one method only. The minimum withdrawal amount is rupees 100 and there’s none on maximum. 

Note: The casino deducts taxes if you win over Rs.10,000 in a single sitting. If your winnings are over that amount, you must reach out to the casino to obtain a tax-deducted-at-source certificate to show the correct amount of tax being withheld. 


Junglee Rummy Bonus

Players are limited in their Junglee Rummy bonus and campaign unlike other online casinos like LeoVegas, Pure Casino, or even 22bet provide such great bonus offers to Indian players. However, Junglee Rummy offers only two bonus options —

  • Welcome Bonus: The main Junglee Rummy promotion is its welcome bonus. The casino markets the bonus as a way for a new player to earn upto Rs.5,000 based on the player’s initial deposit. Although, Junglee Rummy matches your first deposit up to Rs.5,000, the casino will pay out the bonus in increments. If you opt to deposit a lower amount, Junglee Rummy rewards you with Rs.25 for free.
  • Referral: The only current Junglee Rummy campaign is a referral program. Junglee Rummy provides you with a unique referral code to give to friends and whoever you know and get them to sign up. The referring player on each sign up receives a casino cash reward. 

Note: Junglee Rummy requires players for the welcome bonus to enter different promo codes depending upon the amount they initially deposit. 

Security & Regulations

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has declared online Indian Rummy a game of skill. You can play rummy games online without any hassle as Junglee Rummy is 100% legally compliant. Each and every free and cash game you play on their website or app is completely secure and absolutely legal to play for cash as well as free. You can enjoy the online rummy game on their platform without worrying about anything whatsoever.

Junglee Rummy follows KYC (know your customer) policy is an addition to their security policy that helps them offer an absolutely secure and legally safe environment to all the players. Enjoy most happening online cash games at the comfort of your home without worrying about the game’s legality or anything else. You can also download our mobile app and enjoy playing the game anywhere you like.

The Platform Availability

Junglee Rummy is available in app as well but there isn’t much of a difference than of playing it on desktop. When you scroll down, you’ll see the navigation bar and featured games underneath. The navigation bar is helpful since it not only has the basics like promotions and games, but also live chat and language links. When visiting through a smartphone, the interface offers a menu box and signup prompt at the top, a rotating ad bar underneath, and featured games. Both the PC and mobile versions feature a red background that’s free of clutter. And the only embellishment you’ll see beyond game advertisements is the Junglee Rummy logo.

Smartphone: Junglee Rummy’s navigation is similar to most mobile casinos we’ve played at, with a menu box in the upper left-hand corner that allows for easy navigation. This box features the following sections: Home, Join Now, Game Search, Change Language, Registration Help, About Us, and Contact Us.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Quality customer support is the backbone of any internet casino. Players want the peace of mind that if they run into problems while they are playing their favourite games, there will be a representative available to help them. Junglee Rummy provides 24×7 customer service, which is reasonable like any other online casino customer support. You can contact Junglee Rummy via email or call them of their provided customer support mobile number available on their website.

The Bottom Line

Apart from all demeaning reviews, we think it’s worth the try. One must fully judge only when they’ve tested it. They don’t provide great aspects on games, only rummy variations due to legal aspects in India. But, its good to go online casino to try out. Decent website layout and app as well.

Frequently Asked Question 

  • Does Junglee Rummy offer rotating bonuses?

— Currently, Junglee Rummy does not offer any bonuses other than the Welcome Bonus and referral bonus.

  • Do you need a promo code to access the Welcome bonus?

— Yes, players need to enter the promo code KING5000 to unlock the full Junglee Rummy welcome bonus. If you plan on making an initial deposit of 2,000 rupees, you need to enter the promo code KING2000.

  • How often can I take part in tournaments?

— You can take part unlimited times, the tournaments are held everyday.

  • Is there a limit on how many people I can refer to?

— No, you can refer as many people as you want to Junglee Rummy.